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Quantum robotics carry a wide range of robots for your business, click on view more details for each below to learn its benefits.


Autonomous Internal Delivery Robots

Meet The Butlers. For large hotels, factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings to do all manner of deliveries, escorting and room service. Used for food, dirty linen, medicines, valuables delivery, chaperoning, security, stock taking, picking and much more.
autonomous internal delivery robots
autonomous internal delivery robocarts

Autonomous Internal Delivery Robot Carts System

Meet The RoboCarts. For large hotels, factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings to do all manner of deliveries. Used for goods transportation, linen, stock picking, bell-boy, bulk meals delivery, virtual conveyor belts and much more.

pallet transport and robot hooking system

Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) is a world leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. They are dedicated to developing user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations.

Commercial Cleaning Autonomous Robots

Meet Neo. The smartest, purpose-built commercial floor cleaning robots.

Mobile Autonomous Robots

Meet the Omron LD series robots that are also the basis of the Butlers and the Robocarts! The most flexible and proven autonomous mobile robot on earth.

Intelligent Service Robot - AMY

Meet Amy. Brand new in Australia with hundreds of her old version currently in use in venues worldwide, Amy is fully autonomous, can greet customers, deliver food and drinks, save you money and generally bring wow factor to your venue. Your patrons will love her!
universal robots

Collaborative Robot Arms

Meet Universal Robots UR3, UR5, UR10 and all new e-series cobot arms.
universal robot arms
sensors and analysers
SICK sensors

Sensors and Analysers

Meet the SICK AG range of over 40,000 sensors, vision systems, analysers and more.

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